Design-Build Services

Ron Cantrell Construction, Inc. (RCCI) is Design-Build Contractor located in Cleveland, GA.  Design-Build is a project delivery system in which both the design and construction of a project is contracted by a single source known as the Design-Builder. 

Design-Build is unique in that it empowers the owner to control all aspects of the project and is based on a team approach between the owner, architect, engineers, consultants and contractor.  The Design-Builder furnishes all Design and Construction Services which minimizes owner risk and liability, is more cost effective, and results in a higher quality product.

To begin the Design-Build process, RCCI meets with the owner to identify and establish the owner’s program based on needs and budgets. RCCI then furnishes all architectural, engineering and other services to design the project based on those needs and budgets.  Once the design is approved by the owner, the plans enter the engineering phase, plan review and permitting and then on to construction.  The Owner is provided adequate information at each stage of the Design-Build process to allow them to make informed decisions. 


  1. Preliminary Design
    • Establish the Owner’s Program
      • A series of meetings with Owner and Architect to determine space needs, budget, timeline, and services needed.
    • Conceptual Drawings
      • RCCI then provides Conceptual Drawings to give the owner an idea of how the project may look and how it fits into the budget.  The conceptual design many times needs to be adjusted based on budget or other constraints. 
  2. Construction Contract
    • Contract Documents
      • Once the Preliminary Design and Conceptual drawings are complete phase two contract documents are signed and the project moves to the Engineering Phase.
  3. Engineering Phase
    • Engineered Drawings
      • RCCI provides all engineered drawings, plan review and permitting and the project proceeds to actual construction.
  4. Construction Begins
    • Once Construction begins, regular meetings are held to allow informed decisions to be made by the owner.  The team approach is continued throughout the project.  Our end goal is for the owner to have both a process and project they can be proud of.