Ronald Cantrell


Ronald Cantrell is the President of Ron Cantrell Construction (RCCI). He has 33 years of experience as the owner of RCCI and he approaches each project as if it were his own. In all aspects of your project, from the initial owner’s program through project close out, Ron will strive to put your interests first. He feels that the most important asset for any project is to build trusting relationships and will always promote openness and integrity in all dealings.

Trey Crumley

Vice President of Operations

Trey Crumley is the Vice President of Operations for Ron Cantrell Constructions (RCCI). Trey has over 18 years of construction experience as the owner of Structure Construction, Inc. He joined RCCI in 2012 and first served as a superintendent before taking over the responsibility of general project manager. He is responsible for all production related issues for all projects including periodic budget review, critical path scheduling, safety, and owner concerns. His approach to owner satisfaction and quality construction is a great asset to all of our projects.

Steve Smith

Project Engineer

Steve Smith is the Project Engineer for Ron Cantrell Construction (RCCI). He has over 20 years of construction experience and is responsible for all shop drawing reviews and approvals, CAD drafted construction details and specifications, and project coordination to identify and correct design conflicts before they become problems.

Tom Brackett

Estimator / Project Administrator

Tom Brackett is the Estimator and Administrative Project Management. Tom manages all subcontracts and purchase orders, change orders, progress billing, insurance issues, as well as many other critical tasks. Tom is very thorough and monitors all document control to assure that long lead time items are available at the proper time in the construction schedule. Tom coordinates all correspondence between owners, subcontractors, material suppliers, and construction personnel to assure proper understanding and communication of all important issues. Tom also prepares work to be estimated by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents.  

Lorie Crumley


Lorie Crumley is the Controller for Ron Cantrell Construction (RCCI). She handles all personnel programs including payroll and tax reporting. Accounts payable, accounts receivable and vendor maintenance are her responsibility. She coordinates all insurance issues including health insurance, worker’s compensation, commercial general liability and all general insurance policies.

Helen Cantrell

Interior Designer

Helen Cantrell is the Interior and Exterior Designer for all of Ron Cantrell Construction (RCCI) projects. She is very talented artistically and creative in fulfilling the customer’s preferences for all substrates, colors and fixture selection. She works with the client in early stages to identify the overall design scheme so budget pricing can be more realistic. Her most important contribution is her ability to work with all team members to provide the most visually appealing project while staying within a budget.